Puberty explained – What happens to the physical and psychological characteristics of a person when they change from a child to an adult #Puberty #Psychology #Human #Biology

Chris Stearns Registration Intro Video

Are you a movie BUFF? Do you enjoy watching movies? Are you interested in discovering how stories are told, creative ideas for commercials are launched, or movies are made?
 In film making, the story is the starting point, the Bullseye,…

Are We Negative

Is positive thinking the answer? Does having a degree in psychology make you an expert of the human mind? Should a follower of Jesus Christ be listening to the philosophies of men or the Word of God?

You Are What You Wear!

The clothes we wear send powerful signals to everyone around us. But how many of us truly understand the psychology of how people in the street or office interpret our wardrobe choices, and how this impression might differ to the…


Terry Nydeen (Social Studies), John Tapp (Social Studies), Roland (Boots) Froyen (English), Mike Cheeley (English), Dorothy Reif (English), Art Palazzari (Social Studies), Tom Koontz (Social Studies), Ken Doucette (Social Studies/Psychology), Warren Bradbury (English), Vic Beckman (English), John Fazio (Social Studies…

The 4 Blocks Podcast – Addiction

Dr. Parr and his team discuss how addiction is related to depression (and the other 3 blocks!), some serious reasons why you might want to consider sobriety if you’re feeling depressed, and some tips on how to get past it.