vídeo sensorial pra ser exibido preferencialmente em loop.

CARBON by F. Hermini

The project was co-created by 4 artists( Hermini, Pucci, Querzoli and Freire) through their perception of a day in a countryman’s life. Director, DP, Camera and Editor _ FELIPE HERMINI Additional Photographers_Diego Querzoli_Luca Pucci Sound Production, Folley, Mix and Mastering_…

Roemer_ReCoder of Life_2019

»Stefan Römer’s film ReCoder is as dark as Dark Deleuze.« Jayson Jimenez, Philosopher, Manila ReCoder of Life by/ von Stefan Römer BRD, 14:19 min., 2019 camera/ Kamera, Sound and/ und Text: Stefan Römer editing/ Schnitt: Stefan Römer, Florian Duffe starring…

Sweet Life

Vídeo criado para a música “Sweet Life” de Kvba. Trabalho desenvolvido na cadeira de Vídeo II ESMAD 2018/2019

Apophanista!? Trailer

In this short video piece, scenes from my childhood are played out in a tableaux involving my mother (the oracle), my father and myself depicting tragic and not so tragic incidents overshadowed by my mother’s inherited use of ancient Kabbalistic…