ნიკა ძამიაშვილი — ფსაიქო ჯაზი

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CARBON by F. Hermini

The project was co-created by 4 artists( Hermini, Pucci, Querzoli and Freire) through their perception of a day in a countryman’s life. Director, DP, Camera and Editor _ FELIPE HERMINI Additional Photographers_Diego Querzoli_Luca Pucci Sound Production, Folley, Mix and Mastering_…

4.48 Psychosis trailer (The Royal Opera)

Philip Venables’s award-winning opera inspired by Sarah Kane’s extraordinary final play is revived for the first time. Find out more at http://www.roh.org.uk/448psychosis Philip Venables propelled himself to the forefront of contemporary opera with his 2016 adaptation of 4.48 Psychosis, the…